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VSR News 12

The news from Ward. Outright slander against Foresight, but they deserve it. Apologies for getting a little emotional listeners.

One thought on “VSR News 12”

  1. Dear Mr. Guy,

    Hello! It’s me again. I’m writing with some questions and a statement of our support. I’m part of a small group of homesteads, too small to be considered a settlement by any stretch of the word. One of our traditions is just gathering around the radio at night and listening to the radio, and we just love your program, sir. Even though you’ve given us some hints about your somewhat unscrupulous past, this new world is about fresh beginnings, eh? Even if they don’t always work out, people like you deserve some kind of a chance.

    Now, onto my actual questions. Your most recent broadcast has highlighted a point of concern for me and my fellow settlers. What should we do to defend ourselves against rogue capes that might come through, looking to extort us or simply attack us? We’ve been discussing how to deal with this issue, and so I’m writing into your program to ask your opinion, for the benefit of all the other settlements out there worried for their own safety.

    Uh, as for my next question, it’s more of a request, I suppose. You’re a very interesting man, Mr. Guy, and I’d like to hear more about you! Not necessarily your past, but what you’re like now. Nothing personal or anything, it’s just a personal request of mine. Feel free to ignore it as you wish.

    With that, I’ve exhausted my questions for now. Stay safe, Mr. Guy.

    Martin Vetins.

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