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VSR News 11

VSR News, covering the happenings in Ward. Riots. Murders. Vinyl Pop Figurines.




3 thoughts on “VSR News 11”

  1. dear VSR News, I heard you like letters so after a while of just lurking I would write a letter as a good friend, I am back in the EU thanks to my mover friend and we were thinking to but the old click (does of us that survived gold morning) back together but we suck at names we need a good team name can you help

    1. Dear Brainking! Been a while. Only just got this week’s broadcast out. Um. Nice to hear you’ve made it to the EU, sounds like your mover has a heck of a range. Trying to think of a new team name? Something wrong with the old one? Hmm. This is a pretty bad joke but… Degree. Because having a brain and an education really opens doors!

      1. hello VSR News let me introduce

        my team

        Libra: high rang mover only limit is that she has seen both locations before she can open a whirlpool-like portal with a radius of 10 ft that can suck up and spit out her breaker power has the limit that she must destroy the same amount of matter that she creates and vice-versa

        Ghoul: the power to eat peoples shard (Corona pollentia)and get their powerset (max 4 powers) for as long as the Corona is in his digestive system he gets the thoughts and Quirks of the eaten cape and the power to create jets of highly corrosive acid from his back to increase jumps create lift

        Mr. TNT: Striker Blaster his hands detach and attach, from his body ao his punches have extra reach. His sec power is explosion generation with the strength and radius of the blast getting bigger the closer he uses his power to himself.

        Tortuga/ Tank Lass: female cape who can turn into a 4 cubic meter(13 cubic ft) snapping turtle that grows as Adrenalin and Dopamine level rises so she started to like combat and her power has a chance to kick in when she has a high level of Adrenalin or Dopamine

        sadly two of our strongest members a reality warper and a high-level brute died in gold morning

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