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Vermont Stretch Radio
VSR News 13

The news from the world of Ward, coming in with a look into a terrorist attack on Earth Gimel that our host just doesn’t want to get around to dealing with.

2 thoughts on “VSR News 13”

  1. hello again

    i feel to inform you that the turtle is a changer/brute she can willingly turn into a turtle, but hormones and neuroreceptors may force a change. it was funny when she turned into a turtle once a month but lucky she has more control now. the blaster can create an explosion at will not just let his hands explode. the problem is that the force and radius of the blast get more powerful how closer the center of the blast is near him so the most powerful blasts are close range, but not so close range he blows himself to smithereens. ghoul has strange gill-like holes on his back that excrete the acidic goo that makes him jump /flood like a morbid jetpack

    like we informed earlier we are back and you can hire us for every case were you need someone eaten exploded or stabbed.

    greatings brainking

  2. I would like to add that I am a Dutch gentleman .but know are the capes from the Netherlands aware that i am still alive

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