[EMBOAR] E1: Tabloid

YouTube Link (with visualizer): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFmA4z1Vdyw

In Episode 1 of Etch and Misha’s Bad Opinions and Recommendations, EtchJetty and Misha906 talk about the Worm fanfics they’ve recently read such as Felix Fortuna, as well as do a deep dive into lonsheep’s Tabloid!

Theme song by Annexias: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzhX5N0pWQM
EtchJetty art by sahara-spheree: https://sahara-spheree.tumblr.com

The thoughts and opinions represented in EMBOAR are solely
the thoughts and opinions of the hosts and their guests.
No financial compensation from interviewees was given.
EMBOAR is not intended as a replacement for reading Worm or
any of its fanworks.

For more information, head to https://bit.ly/EMBOARPod or
contact EtchJetty (EtchJetty#0373) or Misha906 (Dank Memes#6969) via Discord.

Author: EMBOAR

On EMBOAR, Etch and Misha's Bad Opinions and Recommendations, @EtchJetty and @KelvinGuoner talk about Worm Fanfiction.

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