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VSR News 20

That wacky Guy reads letters instead of News. What an odd fellow.

One thought on “VSR News 20”

  1. Greetings and salutations,

    While I cannot say that I am a dedicated listener of your delightful show, I have managed to catch quite a few broadcasts over the last few months. In particular, your Master-Stranger Awareness portions have been quite illuminating, but it brings me to a point of much consternation for me. With all this Goddess business on the horizon, it has brought a veneer of paranoia over everything to do with Masters.

    Not all Masters are like the ghastly Heartbreaker or his brood of dreadful children, or that imprudent Valefor. Indeed, those Masters deserve the fear and wariness that they provoke, but there are other Masters who do not deserve such a reputation! I speak, of course, of those with nonhuman minions. I myself am one of those Masters, though my methodology has gotten me labelled as a so-called Tinker. My darling little drones are designed to die in droves, not to take over the minds of innocents!

    I firmly believe that there should be more differentiation between the innocent minion Masters and those terrible mind-stealers. I have been accused of such horrendous things, and have been forced to hide my capabilities for fear of idiots who can’t distinguish between different types of Masters. In fact, I was recently in a fight with a wannabe hero who believed that any communication on my part was a dangerous trick. My robots require exciting battles with intrepid foes to evolve, not insipid slapfights where the enemy has their fingers shoved in their ears.

    Thank you, dear host, for the invaluable public service that your show provides, and I hope you consider the plight of the Masters with nonhuman friends.

    Yours sincerely,


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