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In today’s episode we talk to a concerned citizen of K’mart, and cover how our Goddess will conquer all of the known worlds.

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  1. Dear Mr. Guy,
    Since I discovered your show, I have tuned in every time you are on air. Nowadays, it’s difficult to find someone in the media who actually has an opinion, like yourself, and that refreshing change of pace immeadiatly made your show my favorite, even if I don´t always agree with your conclusions. It´s revolting how those dreadful shows like Hard Boil are just manipulating everything to give the ignorant masses what they want. Even most revolting is that pustulent excuse of a person, Gary Nieves, who is one of the reasons for this letter. Mr. Nieves has been affirming that parahumans are, just by virtue of being who they are, dangerous, which is the most sickening and vomit-inducing piece of hate speech I have heard in a long time. And worst, there are many who agree with him! I suppose I can only blame it on ignorance, and ignorance is only fought with knowledge, so I would like to share a personal story.
    I was one of the lucky people who managed to get accomodations fairly early, for no reason other than sheer luck. It was nothing fancy, a small apartment with only the basics (didn´t have a sandbox for my cat, even though I requested one every step of the process) but after four weeks in a tent, it was heaven. However, I was a little disturbed when someone in a nearby apartment told me that upstairs, lived a former villain who was making use of the second chance to rebuild her life. I admit I was fearful at first, but I never have let fear stop me, so I baked some cookies (not chocolate chip cookies, because chocolate IS IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND THESE DAYS, HOLY HELL, WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO HAVE CHOCOLATE?) and started distributing them to my new neighbors, with the goal of becoming the building into community, instead of just persons who lived together. When I finally arrived on the villains door, I discovered not the brutish villain I was expecting, but a redheaded 12 year old girl. I was, honestly, confused. After that weird hesitant moment, we started talking, and she was the sweetest girl you could imagine. I dared to ask her about the rumours of villainy in the building, and she told me the whole story. Turns out her power is not even that special, she can sense all mammals in a given area, but due to some misunderstanding related to a friend’s lost hamster, where her powers and identity were revealed, she was labeled a dangerous, psychopathic parahuman, and send to an asylum in Philadelphia. She was labelled a villain, despite not hurting that boy, or anyone else. They didn´t even let her chose her own villain name! She wanted to name herself after some character in a kid´s movie about dalmatian puppies, but they completely ignored her request and called her Doramania (I don´t even know what that means). When the worl ended, the Wardens allowed her to reintigrate in society with a set of foster parents (her parents died in Gold Morning, poor girl). I still live in the same building as her, and she never showed any signs of being dangerous or unstable. When my cat ran away, she even tried to use her power to find it, but unfortunaly she couldn´t find him, because he was already too far from her range. In my birthday she even offered me an adorable pair of fur gloves! She said the pattern in the fur had reminded her of my kitty, and she thought it could be a good way to remember him. She went to the trouble of finding real fur gloves, a present not just useful for the winter, but that also has almost the exact same fur patterns as my fallen feline friend, just to be easier for me to remember him. How could anyone think she is a bad person? I agree with those capes that showed up on Hard Boil, everyone makes a big deal of this supposed “conflict drive”, but, for what I have seen, it´s effects are weak, almost nonexistant. Make this “conflict drive” a big deal when it isn´t is what leads to a sweet innocent girl being put in an asylum with actual dangerous people, and it´s what fuels bigoted remarks like those of Mr. Gary “Professional Waste Of Human Life” Nieves.
    I am sorry for my the rant. Thank you for a truly amazing radio show.
    Esther Hart

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