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VSR News 8

More on Nora James. Oh, and that whole Fallen malarkey is still going on.

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  1. Dear Mr. Guy,

    Mr. Guy, I am an avid follower of your show, and am writing you for several reasons! The first is to congratulate you on the feat of getting a radio station up and running, as well as making said station available to the public! I’ve got to say, your work is fantastic, and a great help to those of us who live out here in the Vermont Stretch.

    I also write to ask your opinion on the various non-Warden cape teams popping up, heroic or villainous. Do you have an opinion? Also, what would be your advice for if, for some reason, Earth Cheit and their warmongering comes to serious fruition and they manage to assault us? How should we defend ourselves?

    Finally, I’d like to ask about your safety. You’ve been saying certain things about villains that they probably won’t like, and you’ve been badmouthing quite a few heroes. Not to say that I don’t agree with you, but I want to ask if you’re safe. We don’t need to lose any more people to needless violence.

    I hope that this letter reaches you, as the mail system can be a little spotty where I live.

    Martin Vetins

    1. Dear Martin.

      Thank you for your letter. A letter means so much more than a comment online. It means a tangible connection, poured into words and sent in.

      We’ll make sure to read your little letter out live in our next broadcast, along with our full replies. But for now, allow me to assuage your concerns and answer your queries.

      The non-Wardens teams are pretty much the same loons we had running around before Gold Morning, bolstered by a cadre of criminal overlords that we’d had even earlier. That’s on the side of evil. On the side of good, they’re all the Warden’s puppets. The Wardens’?

      With regards for the Pumpkin Eaters of Earth Cheit, I recommend surrendering, presenting no real threat, and then dressing up as great apes. Gorillas, to be precise.

      And finally, I’m quite safe. I’ve been using the last trespasser as a scarecrow for a while now!

      Sincerely, T. Guy

      P.S. Great to hear from a fellow resident of Vermontwo.

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