Glow Worm – P.7

Ward Audiobook
Ward Audiobook
Glow Worm - P.7

Original Chapter Text

Music: Husr

Editing: Robert “Rein” Ramsay

Full-Cast Credits
System Voice Lyre
Maxtag IamnotFaust
Toxicfish216 Zyrjello
Thistlesoup Amanita
Heart_Shaped_Pupil Hannabell
My_Own_Gren HLP
Dogtooth Quigs
Magnep Antioch
Asnag Joe Gaston
Tockta Sane
Milldross Zanraptora
Flying_Kevin Summe Mayssami
Johnsonjar Elliot Diebold
AvenG Torchide
Doones IgneusJotunn
Houndstooth Quigs
Shower Robert “Rein” Ramsay
Cap squdlum
TMI_Mom Peach
Goatfish squdlum
Shameful_Manatee Hunter J. Allen
Mangled_Wings Sky

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