Glow Worm – P.1

Ward Audiobook
Ward Audiobook
Glow Worm - P.1

WARNING – This story is a direct continuation of Worm.  If you haven’t already read or listened to Worm it is highly recommended that you do so before beginning Ward.

Original Chapter Text

Music: Husr

Editing: Sheensies

Full-Cast Credits
System Voice Lyre
Hope_In_Pithos Kaylin
ILethe Robert “Rein” Ramsay
KillDestroyKiss Edgar Preen
Point_Me_@_The_Sky Torchide
boaty5 squdlum
Boo-chan Chris Batkin
K.G. Ray Ben Smith
Geronimo The Purple Banana
Nakyak Antioch
Boosher Stephen R.
Nutty Sane
Deepwell5 Steven Zuber
DonJon Robert “Rein” Ramsay
Glitzglam Traitorman

3 thoughts on “Glow Worm – P.1”

  1. just finished act 4 of twig and heard the news that worm had a squeal. i just had to say THANK YOU SOOO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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