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  1. I’ve read the stories online and these audio versions really bring them to life! This is my “go to” for commutes to and from work, working out and running errands. With 60+ hour work week, family life and everything else, this is my time to destress and relax. Thanks again for taking the time and effort to produce these.

      1. It’s great so hear how your production has grown in range and quality. Yesterday I turned on Arc 1 of Worm for the first time in… forever, and I had to smile a little at the difference. Do you know if the audio, and by extension, the ‘voice’ you give these characters impacts Wildbows writing at all?

        1. The funny thing is, I actually went back immediately after finishing Worm and re-recorded all of Arc 1. If you *really* want to hear a difference, go listen to the first chapters of Arc 2. 2.1 was not only the first chapter I’d ever recorded, it was also the first time I’d ever done any kind of voice work whatsoever!

          I don’t think Wildbow listens to the audiobook at all. I know a few times in the past he’s mentioned that he hasn’t listened to it, so I would assume it doesn’t really have any effect on his writing.

      2. Hi, I was just wondering how I got involved with the audiobook? I’m kinda nervous but ready to start contributing!

        1. Hi there! If you want to be an interlude reader then please send me an email with a link to a clip a few minutes long where you are reading a mixture of narration and dialogue. If you want to be an editor, just email me. My email address is rein at rein-online.org

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