Blinding – 11.11

Ward Audiobook
Ward Audiobook
Blinding - 11.11

Original Chapter Text

Music: Battle Plan by Purple Planet Music

Editing: SamuraiBuko

Narration: Robert “Rein” Ramsay

7 thoughts on “Blinding – 11.11”

    1. There’s a section around 41-42 minutes in, where the end credits and music plays over the story.

      Side note: thank you all for making this into an audio series. I love parahumans a lot but I can’t read well with my eye sight ❤️❤️

      1. Hey, just wanted to let you know that the end credits audio error is still present in the Spotify version of this episode.

        Aside from that, thanks for making this great audiobook, it is hugely appreciated.

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