VSR News 18

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VSR News 18

Today’s episode covers the Breakthrough of team Breakthrough into… No. We’re not doing it. We’ll just cover some regular news instead.

2 thoughts on “VSR News 18”

  1. Dear Mr. Guy,

    As a result of your discussion of copyright law, I’ve come up with a brand new business venture. I’ve started copyrighting every common saying, addage, mythological figure, concept, colour, profession, event, animal, vegetable and mineral I can think of, in the hopes of selling them off to future capes. That, and in some cases to prevent capes from taking certain names.

    I feel it is my civic duty to ensure that there is never a cape called “Friendzone” or “Comic Sans”. I’ve played enough online games to know some kid is gonna trigger and go around calling himself “Your Mum” just so the headlines read “Your Mum Causes Traffic Hold Ups”.

    So, Mr Guy, as the head of the New New Protectorate, what name are you fighting crime under? Have you considered rebranding now that you’re a hero team? And how is The Norfair Disaster (the cape not the event) doing?

    Yours lucratively,

    Captain Gunperson

    1. why claim the names know we miss the chance to get killed by your mom or your things getting stolen by friend zone or getting stabbed by the nameless assassin i asked mr guy of he could help me whith a team name were rebranding and before were just some assholes with a big rap sheet now were some assholes who survived. captain Gunperson can you help

      with kind greetings Brainking

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