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VSR News 16

In memory of Stealth Rock.

2 thoughts on “VSR News 16”

  1. Dear Mr Guy,

    I think it’s a bloody disgrace the amount of fake new being spread about our beloved Goddess! I say if we’re going to be ruled by people with powers, let it at least be someone who’s open about it or who’s at least easy on the eyes while unilaterally deciding who lives and dies!

    I was downright furious to read the “Miss Militia Still Lookin’ Good” article. Where’s the “Goddess More Beautiful Every Day” story? And while we’re on the subject of Miss Militia, how is having a gun a power? I bought a gun the other day, where are all the action figures and news stories about me? If I put a bag over my head and call myself Captain Gunperson, does that make me a cape?

    Your disgruntledly,
    Captain Gunperson

    1. Dear Captain Gunperson,

      You’ve brought a smile to my face. Your letter will of course be read on the air, but I thought why not write a more personal reply too. In this world of capes and new beginnings, humour is the best weapon with which the ordinary man can combat such impossibly strong people. The best of course, barring guns. Those work pretty well too.


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