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VSR News 6

Catching up to date with Ward arc five and bringing you the news as it might appear in Ward, were it read by a man with nothing to hide!

In today’s episode. Politics of Earth Gimel, traffic, and Aquarela do Brazil. All in time for a finale.

5 thoughts on “VSR News 6”

  1. dear Vermont Stretch Radio I made a mistake its a stranger power and a small thinker power there not together, but that’s my fault for writing it wrong I can blame it on being a European cape. and my cape name Brainking what my nickname was before powers is now a keeper as cape name .first i was thinking of maybe going to call my self the nameless assassin or demon mantis but so I gave you wrong intel but even with the wrong intel you got thing right so I suspect you had your hand on my PRT file

    PRT file Brainking
    stranger (6)the subject can disrupt or nullify targets capacity to be aware of their surroundings, the subject, the subject’s actions, and their attacks

    thinker (2) The subject of this power can share the sight of two or multiple people, the power can let other people see what subject is seeing from their point of view. The subject can even let others see the subject past sights and scenes as a way to relay information to them.

    (I and my friends used superpower wiki and than the random button as a joke to see what powers we would get if we triggered I have the powers that work well together ) I thought it was awesome that you mentioned me, can’t wait for what comes next

    1. Dear Brainking,

      I always enjoy conversations with strangers. So. If I am getting this right, you limit the ability of another person to respond to your actions and their own surroundings. Is this more a confused stupor, a daydream like inability to interpret the world around them? A case of “Who is this person stabbing me? What’s going on? Where am I?”

      As for that thinker power there, I should imagine being able to share a highlights reel is pretty useful! Hardly deserving of a measly two by any metric of power, but try to remember that its more a measure of the threat a power poses. No matter how useful a power is, it might get low balled a little just because it offers more utility than real danger.

      Finally, that name is amusing. Seems you lucked out as far as nicknames go! Shame about the trigger I suppose, but still, amusing. Those other names stand out to me as a little… I don’t know. Maybe they lose a little “Jenny Say Wha?” in English, but they feel like the names of capes trying to hard to seem intimidating. All the best capes have nondescript and catchy names. Like Crawler, or Chuckles! Exceptions exist, like Damsel of Distress, but the first thing you need to think about when your name is longer than one word is whether people will just ignore it! If you called yourself the Nameless Assassin, people would make jokes about how you just gave yourself a name. If you called yourself Demon Mantis, it wouldn’t be as bad. Kinda catchy! But what would you dress up as? A demon, or a Mantis? What DO you do for a costume, Brainking?

      In any case, apologies for the misreporting. Seems I can’t get anything right these days!

      Sincerely, Theodore Guy.

      1. I thought about my costume maybe black and red with mantis theme (hidden blades in the arm) but the thought of a giant brain costume made me giggle, the save made is a black and red cloak with a neat mask.think it works like Who is this person stabbing me? What’s going on? Where am I?” why am I bleeding?( think with my thinker power I can show people there own back /head before I stab/ shoot them) but I need to focus so multiple targets would be a hassle and it doesn’t work on camera because it works on the brain/senses so I don’t know if it works on Weld or on Dragon

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