VSR News 5

Vermont Stretch Radio
Vermont Stretch Radio
VSR News 5

Vermont Stretch Radio imagines what the news in Ward might sound like, provided it was read by a smooth and lyrical voice tripping over every other line.

In today’s news. The Amnesty, The Fallen, and The Norfair Disaster.

3 thoughts on “VSR News 5”

  1. dear Vermont Stretch Radio. I am a stranger 6 thinker 2 and I would like a complete compilation of all master stranger awareness month clips. so that my victims have something to listen to

    1. Well I am glad to hear that, dear listener. It’ll take a little bit of fiddling around but I am certain we can put together something every bit as “informative” and “educational” as you are hoping for. Do note though that our next programme will contain the final entry in “Master Stranger Awareness Month”, so I hope its alright if we wait just a smidge on that front. Hmm. Perhaps a rerecording, with a little explanation of the who or what was behind each entry? Your last chance to make guesses, dear listeners.

      Incidentally, is that “Brainking” one word, or “Brain King” in two words? I wager I’ll throw in a little shoutout next episode. As for the rest of you, remember, even if you’re a stranger, there’s no need to be a stranger!

      1. thanks for the reply, I will wait patiently, Brainking when spoken, is two words, still need a better cape name, I bet that Brockton Bay ex-ward Shadow Stalker was behind the entry

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