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Welcome to the Ward Audiobook Project!

NOTE: Ward is a direct continuation of Worm.  If you haven’t read Worm, please check out the original text or the Worm Audiobook Project.

The Ward Audiobook is a combined effort by fans to produce a full unabridged audiobook of the web serial Ward.  For various reasons not everyone is able to sit and read the chapters online, so the goal of this project is to make this excellent story more accessible to everyone!  If you like what we do, please let us know in the comments!  If you really like what we do then consider using the social media buttons to share!  Don’t like what we do?  Definitely let us know!  Feedback is the only way we can improve, so staying silent is the surest way to not see that change!

You can find the Ward Audiobook on iTunes, Google Play Music, or any podcasting app!

Ward is written and owned by J.C. McCrae, aka Wildbow.  You can find the original text at Parahumans.net.  If you enjoy his work half as much as we do, please consider supporting him.  This project is in no way affiliated with J.C. McCrae and we have no rights to the source material.  We don’t make money off this and we don’t want to – our only reward is getting more people to experience this wonderful story.


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16 thoughts on “Ward Audiobook”

  1. Are you accepting others to help provide voices and/or chapters?
    If so, what does one need to do to volunteer their services?

  2. I really appreciate the work everyone does on these and the first Worm audiobook. And production quality on Ward has been outstanding!

  3. May I request that the narrator (or host) read the chapter number before the text starts? I listen on the go and can’t stop to read the episode title whenever the podcast episode comes up in the queue.

    Loving the production by the way. Each new episode really makes my day.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! This format was only for the Glow Worm chapters so fear not – all future chapters will have the Arc number, name, and chapter number before each one.

  4. I have listened to the Worm Audiobook Podcast at least 3 times through after reading it as it was releasing. Love your work and appreciate everything you do. Thanks

  5. I loved the worm audiobook I found it on a pod cast a year or so ago… I went to try to find it again and found ward ….but I cannot find the audiobook for it, I looked on Google play what am I doing wrong…

  6. Rein’s triumphant return to the world of Parahumans. After Glow Worm’s full cast attempt to drive Rein into madness, he carries on the smooth and clear narration that is the only way one tends to imagine Wildbow’s work being brought to life. If I ever want to relive a part of Worm, I use the Audiobook.

  7. Hey Rein, can you confirm or deny whether or not the character Rain is a shout-out to you?

    Keep up the amazing work!

  8. Rain’s Theme: I Refuse – Five Finger Death Punch. It came on my Pandora and it just fit so well. Wish I knew computer stuff and could set it to a montage of fan concept art from ward or something.

  9. Love the work you folx do, hoping to attempt a chapter with you all sometime if I get a devent mic in the near future. Worm is my favorite audiobook and the best fan project I’ve ever heard and Ward is shaping to be even better.

  10. Hello. I am trying to find your content on Google Play Music, but I can’t find it. What should I search for? Do you have a direct link to your content on Google Play Music? Thank you!

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