Ward Audiobook
Ward Audiobook

Music: Evan Witt Arc 7, Arc 14, Arc 20, and Epilogues

By: Robert “Rein” Ramsay

Fun Stats:

Without Intro/Outro
214:18:54 Total Length
150:52:34 Regular Chapters
63:26:20 Interludes

With Intro/Outro
9:50:29 Total Intro/Outro
224:09:23 Total Aired Length

280 Total # of Chapters
204 Total # of Regular
76 Total # of Interludes

2 thoughts on “Afterword”

  1. Thank you Rein and everyone involved for all the time and dedication you’ve put into making this audiobook. Catching up and then following along as new chapters were released had been a highlight for me over the past few years, giving me something to enjoy during walks and other activities. It’s crazy to think that this labour of love has reached its conclusion.

    Best wishes to Rein in your transition into professional audiobook narration.

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